Tenant Information

Tenant Information


Make an appointment to inspect a rental property and decide if it’s the right property you looking for.

To start, you need to fill out an application form provided from Waco Real Estate. It’s important to also have all the required supporting documents handy. It’s highly recommend that you have a copy of some of the documents listed below so that you can verify your identity by meeting your requirement.

  • Drivers License or Passport (Photo ID)
  • Proof of age card
  • Student ID
  • Bank statement
  • Utilities statement
  • Medicare card
  • Concession / Pension card
  • Current payslip (proof of income)

We’ll check your references and verify the information you have provided. Your application will be processed within two business days. It is the landlord who will make the final decision. Once your application is approved, you will be required to sign leases and provide the following payments either by bank cheque or Bank Transfer:

Security deposit – made payable to The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA).

The first month’s rental. We will provide you with information concerning your rights and responsibilities,

Please note: connection of gas, electricity, telephone and water are the responsibility of the tenant.

Important – keys won’t be issued early

It is important to note that for legal and security reasons we are unable to issue keys early, or grant you access to the property any earlier than the allocated tenancy start date.

Property Condition Report

We will conduct a property condition report if your application is accepted by the Landlord. The property condition report will be conduction together with the tenants at the property. Tenants will have to sign and accept the property condition report after it’s done.



Additional keys or changed locks

If you wish to make additional copies of keys please let us know so we can record the number of extra keys. It is important to note that at the end of your tenancy agreement we will need back all keys given to you at the start of your tenancy and any additional copies created during your tenancy period. If you change the locks during tenancy, you must provide us with a full new set of keys for property access. Keys may be available, please contact your property manager. If you have misplaced your keys after hours, you may call a locksmith – this is at your cost.

Routine Inspections

We will conduct a routine inspection of the property after the first 3 months and approximately every 3 months thereafter. The main purpose is to reassure the landlord that you are maintaining the property. To document our inspection we will take photos or we may even video the property and any repairs required.