Seller Information

Seller Information

Why Waco Real Estate


Waco Real Estate offers a professional, dedicated team of experts who are experienced, well trained and well supported. When you engaged us to sell your property, we will market the property online and through our channels locally and oversea.


Experience tells us that one of the most critical parts of the sales process is effective communication between all parties.  Therefore we give priority to providing you with regular updates throughout the selling process.  These updates will be in the form that best suits you.  That may be in person, in writing, email, by phone, or letter.  We also encourage you to contact us at any time if you have any queries, we always accept any feedback from our customers.


Method of Sale


In Waco Real Estate, we provide the following for selling property:

  • Private Sale

With a private sale, once the property is ready for viewing by potential buyers and inquires and inspections begin, it is on the market to be sold. Most of the time, there will be a fixed inspection time provided for viewing by potential buyers.


  • Sale by Negotiation

Sale by Negotiation is very similar to a private sale, but instead of fixing a price, a price range is agreed on between the owner and the agent. We will conducted a discussions with interested parties on behalf of the owner. We will use our negotiation skill to get the highest possible price.  When agreement has been reached on price between the owner and the buyer, a deposit is paid and the terms of settlement are set.


  • Auction

A sale by Auction is accompanied by a (usually) four week marketing campaign aimed at attracting the maximum number of buyers to compete at the Auction. An Auction is a public sale carried out at an advertised time and place where people interested in purchasing the property bid against each other.


A property that is advertised for Auction can sometimes be sold before the Auction date if an acceptable offer been agreed by the vendor and your agent. When buying at Auction, the sale is in the form of an unconditional contract with no cooling off period. There must also be a 10% deposit of the purchase price paid on the day.