Landlord Information

Landlord Information


In WACO REAL ESTATE, we will take good care of your property. We will focus on keeping your property well maintained, tenanted and delivering maximum return for our customers. Waco Property Management tailor individual management plans to suit your particular property.

Managing property is not as easy as you think, you will discover that there are many rules and regulations regarding non-payment of rent, increasing rent or request for repairs. These categories will be solved through the expertise of our property manager.

In WACO, We require our tenants to keep our investors’ property in the best condition. Our staff will inspect the property quarterly to maintain the property value for our investors.

At WACO, We fully understand the need of property investing. We will ensure these needs are achieved to satisfy our valued investors.



  • A choice of rental payment methods are offered to the tenants to ensure that paying rent on time is easy for them.
  • We will chase up any late payments and the tenant is immediately contacted to ask for payment.
  • Rental statements are issued either weekly or monthly. Funds will be transfer directly into your account.
  • Routine inspections on your property are conducted in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. We will report you on the general condition of the home, any maintenance that may need to be carried out, how well the property is being maintained.
  • Rent reviews are conducted in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. The rent is not able to be increased during a fixed term tenancy, unless otherwise stated in the lease.
  • Lease renewals are followed up in an effort to secure ongoing tenancies and avoid any vacant periods in your property.
  • Landlords are informed when tenants have given notice to vacate.
  • An end of tenancy inspection is conducted to deal with any problems regarding the condition of your property before the bond is returned.